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Hands-Free Portfolio Building

Imagine £500 – £1000 net income coming into your account each month

Imagine being able to give up your job and spend more time with your family

Imagine the happy retirement you've always dreamed of

Imagine achieving the above, without any of the hard work


With Bluebell Properties, these dreams can become a reality. Our exclusive hands-free portfolio building service  is ideal for you if you would like to get into the property market, but don't want  the hassle that comes with it.


Bluebell Properties builds property portfolios for clients quickly and effectively  by:

  • Sourcing several properties concurrently, thus allowing you  to achieve financial freedom
  • Taking  an initial deposit for just one property, irrespective of the numbers that will make up a portfolio
  • Making each property yield a high level of income between £500-£1000 NET CASHFLOW per month.

Why Do Clients Come Back To Us Time And Time Again?

  • They may not have the time to keep track of what’s most suitable for them in the market, so we do it for them
  • They may feel more comfortable with seasoned professionals handling the pace of their portfolio build
  • They are unable to source Below Market Value properties or a significant discount
  • We are London based – due to our extensive investment portfolios are able to source deals. If it difficult to secure good investments without a London based sourcer


Are you ready to start building your London property portfolio? Contact us now on 0203 514 2541 to talk to a member of our friendly team.



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