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Free Personalised Assessment

The following information will enable us to provide you with a borrowing capacity and some investment options.

We are committed to respecting the confidentiality of all information you give us. THIS IS NOT AN APPLICATION FOR FINANCE.

What is your key criteria?

 Location Capital growth Yield/cashflow Best price Confidentiality Avoid stress Save time Save money Expat/Overseas Other

Minimum Investment Available – this information is confidential:

Do you have finance pre-approved?

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Do you require assistance in obtaining finance or from our independent mortgage broker?

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Are your funds available now?

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Do you intend to purchase with

 Cash Up Front Mortgage I Need Help

How many properties are you looking to purchase?

 1-5 6-10 10+

When are you considering purchase?

 As Soon as Possible 1-3 Months 3+ Months

How long have you been looking?

 Just started For a couple of months For more than a few months

When are you likely to invest?

 It's Urgent Within 3 Months Within 6 Months Undecided

How did you hear about Bluebell Properties?

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