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High Income / Low Cost Case Study

Good Monthly Income Producing Investment PropertyGood Monthly Income Producing Investment Property


Thamesmead, South East London




Investment flat, which can be purchased for a low cost but generates a good monthly income


£130,000. 30% Below Market Value.

Monthly income:

£500 per month net cashflow


This client was a working professional who did not have the time to source investment properties. She had attempted to do source investment property by herself after attending a property investment course, however found without established contacts, estate agents were not interested in offering below market value properties.

Our Solution:

After our initial meeting with the client, we were able to source a perfect repossession property that perfectly matched her criteria.Through our unique relationship with an estate agent, we were the first buyers to view and put in an offer.

Using our knowledge and specialist valuation tools, we established the actual value of the property at £130,000. Our favourable relationship with the estate agent allowed us to ensure our offer was accepted despite the seller receiving higher offers.

The total saving on this property was in excess of 30% below market value.

The property now brings in a net monthly income of £500 per month.

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