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For First-Timers Who Have Thought About Investing and Want Property Investment Advice Without Pressure From a Salesman

Take a moment to see if any of these questions describe you:

  • Are you aged 20 – 65 and know you should be doing something but do not know how or where to start?
  • Want to leave your job and break free from the rat race ?
  • Do you desire to become a self-funded retiree with an income source that provides financial peace of mind for the future and for life?
  • Are you a high-income earner who wants to stem the flow of cash from their pocket to the taxman?; Or
  • Are you an everyday Mum or Dad who dreams of paying off the dreaded mortgage and being debt free?
If you have ever been curious about taking control of your financial future through property investment but feel you are too busy to “learn how to do it” – or – if you have been sitting on the fence wondering what to do next...

Book a Free "Exploratory Phone Consultation"

Join Directors, Zena Hinds or Tara Coley for an obligation free "Exploratory Phone Consultation" and ask all the questions you need to ask and find out whether property investment is right for you.
We have developed a systematic approach to property investment advicethat has helped our clients to:
  • Create additional cash-flow by obtaining properties 15-25% below market value within London.
  • Acquire one or more investment properties within the first two to six months
  • Refinance and take up to 50% of their money out in 6 months
  • Generate on average £800 – 1000 per month net cash flow from your 1st investment
  • Begin building a 10 properties in 5 years portfolio from 1 deposit
Bluebell have extensive knowledge of all aspects of property sales, finance, and investment, including property project marketing, feasibility studies, property portfolio development, and cash flow analysis. Our passion is helping all – whether first time buyer or seasoned investor become more confident and successful property investors.

This is the best part...NO HARD SELL!

We are happy to discuss your financial situation, share our in-depth knowledge of property investment advice and answer any questions you may have in the session without the sales pitch.
At the end of your Free Consultation, which is usually 20-30 minutes, if you would like more in-depth information, then we will be happy to make another time with you and start talking about how we can help you implement your property investment strategy.
To confirm a time for this consultation, please complete the form on the right or call 0203 514 2541
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