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FAQ for Property Investors

You have questions and we have answers about investing in property



Our services are simple, straight-forward and designed to help you achieve your property aspirations, no matter your situation. If you have any questions for us, simply contact us or check out some of our most FAQ’s below:

Can I not purchase below market value deals myself?
Why cant I source properties myself?
Anyone can buy an investment property however many buy properties that barely meet the mortgage payments each month.

We have found that it is not a good purchase as you are relying solely on capital appreciation through the market going up.

The properties we source will bring in a passive income of between £500-£1000 per month, allowing our clients to quickly replace their incomes should they want to and additional income to have the lifestyle they want.
What Type Of Yield Can I Expect?
Our properties yield at at least 8-12% pa, which is an excellent return on investment!
What if I have bad credit?
We do have a number of ways to get round this and specialist lenders who will still lend despite bad credit. Each client’s circumstances are unique and we will tailor make solutions where we can on a case by case basis.
Do I need an income?
No, many lenders will lend to you despite not having a proven income. Speak to our independent mortgage broker to discuss the options available to you.
How much deposit do I need to invest in property?
At least £40,000 for first time buyers and £50,000 for those who already have a mortgage.

If you have owned your own home for a few years, you will have built up quite a bit of equity in your property. You will have paid off some of the loan, and there's a good chance that your property has increased in value too.

Instead of finding a cash deposit, your bank/lender (subject to approvals) will allow you to use the equity built up in your home as security on your investment property. Our independent mortgage broker will determine the best strategy for you and your investment plans.
What is property sourcing?
Property sourcing is a term used when a person or company instructs a third party/individual to find and source a high yielding investment property on their behalf that they would not have been able to find their selves due to lack of contacts and market knowledge etc.
Why should I use Bluebell?
Bluebell is the best and fastest growing property sourcing company in London with a team who has extensive experience in acquisitions. Our team have a large portfolio themselves and a lot of market knowledge, we will tailor make solutions for you and look at creative ways to achieve your property goals.

More importantly, we have a wealth of happy clients who use us time and time again and we would be happy to have you as part of the Bluebell family.
Why London?
Property prices always hold their weigh in London despite what the rest of the countries prices falling greatly. As long as your property has a London postcode it will always rent out quickly.
What else do I need to do?
How long does the entire process take?
A maximum of 4 months from the point we start sourcing for you.
Can I not purchase below market value deals myself?
One of the most beneficial aspects of aligning yourself with our leading property sourcing team is that you benefit from access to the most lucrative “silent sales”. This means the properties our clients have access to are pre-release deals – often not available to the public market. We are investing in South and East London all the time. This gives us excellent buying power and therefore availability to below market value properties in London.

More importantly, we know East and South London very well and the key areas to invest in but more importantly what a good deal looks like.

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Why choose Bluebell Properties?
At Bluebell Properties, we recognise the importance of knowing your numbers when considering an investment opportunity. For every property we source, we compile a comprehensive property summary data kit, including:
  • Rental assessments
  • Expenses
  • Occupancy rates
  • Cashflow analysis
  • Capital growth statistics
  • Local demographic information
  • Property plans, pictures and details on inclusions
  • Infrastructure implications
What Does Bluebell Properties Property Investment Team Do?
Bluebell Properties buy to let and property investment team provides a range of services from hand free portfolio building to property sourcing deals below market value for experienced investors to first time property investors. We help our clients navigate through the property investment minefield and to build wealth and security through investing in London property.
Who Do You Work With?
We work with anyone wanting to invest in London property but more importantly those who are looking to build and secure their future financial independence. We offer FREE 30 minute consultations to let you find out more about how the Bluebell Properties system can work with you. Just fill in the form here to register for your free session.
What Specific Services Do You Provide?
Bluebell Properties provides a complete service to support your wealth creation and retirement planning objectives.

Specific services include:

  • Advice on property investment strategies
  • Sourcing of quality investment properties
  • Loan comparison and sourcing
  • Co-coordinating with related services (e.g. Solicitor, Accountant etc.)

How Are You Different From Other London Property Investment Advisors?
There are many financial advisory and property investment organisations, both in London and across the UK. Here's a short summary of what makes Bluebell Properties unique
  • Buying Power: we have great relationships with estate agents and other intermediaires that allows us to obtain fanastic deals that the general public would never have access too.
  • Proven property professionals: Our team consists of property professionals who actually invest themselves, not just commission-based salespeople.
  • Hand-picked properties: we never recommend every property deal we receive, only the ones with the greatest upside potential and suitable for your goals
How Can I Find Out More About How You Can Help Me?
If you would like to find out more about how our services can be applied in your specific situation and assist you with your property investment plan, then register for a free 30-minute property investment consultation without obligation.
When Is The Best Time To Buy Property?
If you look at the successful history of property investment, the answer to this question should be, "whenever you can afford to".

London residential property has a long and successful history of investment performance with minimal risk. One of its outstanding features is capital growth. It is this factor that allows you to build growth into your net worth over time.

The income or rental derived from property also allows you to service the investment and provides the means to buy more. Rental prices in London have risen by an average of 9% over the last few months. If this trend continues, then property investment will continue to be one of the most effective ways to create wealth and secure your future.
What Is A Residential Investment Property?
A residential investment property is a house or flat that the owner does not use as a personal residence, but rather rents out. This allows the investor to benefit from both tax advantages and rental income from the property.
What If I Have No Deposit For An Investment Property?
What you mean is that you have no cash deposit. Cash is not always necessary if you hold equity in your own home. Having sufficient assets against which to borrow is all that is required. In this way, you can borrow the full amount including purchasing costs without injecting any extra cash.
Is Investing In Property Still A Good Investment If Inflation Is Low?
It's not so much the absolute capital growth that is important, but rather the growth relative to inflation. With capital growth historically averaging between 2% and 4% over and above inflation, even if inflation were to fall, we would still expect property to perform at this level above inflation.
Why Do Some Property Investments Work Better Than Others, And What Can I Do To Make Sure My Property Investments Perform Well?
The key to successful property investment is minimising your “out of pocket” expenses and maximising your capital growth.

Some of the reasons property investments fail to perform as expected include:
  • The loan taken out was structured incorrectly
  • The loan was taken out in the wrong name
  • High-maintenance properties were purchased
  • Investors missed out on claiming the highest possible amount in non-cash tax deductions
  • Low rents and high vacancy periods
  • Paying too much for the property
  • Low capital growth potential

These mistakes can easily be avoided. Before investing, contact us for advice on which price range, area and type of property is most suited to your situation.
What If We Cannot Find A Tenant For Our Investment Property?
If you can't find a tenant – its normally due to two main causes - the rent being asked, and the location of the property. For the properties we source are choosen on the basis that they have high and also in a good location where there is a demand for rental properties. That is, close to transport, shops, schools and employment.

We ensure that tenants are lined up before the refurishment is completed. Our properties are rented within 10 days of being available.

Our team understands market demand and will direct you accordingly.
What If Interest Rates Rise?
Fixed interest rate loans have never been so competitive. Major banks are now offering 10 year fixed rate deals that can take all the guesswork out of getting a loan.

A choice between variable and fixed must be made by the investor and should be carefully judged by the loan amount and the security of your employment.

Our mortage broker will discuss with you the various options and make a recommendation based upon your personal circumstances.
Won’t There Be A Large Number Of Vacant Properties When Everyone Discovers The Advantages Of Owning Rental Property?
It is important to remember the number of people who take any step towards becoming financially independent accounts for barely 1% of the population.

Secondly, people have been renting property since time eternal, and with more than 50.4% of the population renting (Source : bbc.co.uk)and this percentage increasing, tenants will not disappear overnight. There will always be a pool of tenants looking for rental accommodation and it's up to you to make your property most desirable.

Supply and demand in rental properties is cyclic and vacancies can and do occur from time to time. But there are certain things you can do to keep this time to a minimum.

Choosing the right property in the first place helps and well-located, well-maintained properties with reasonable rents attract more tenants.
Most People Seem To Emphasize Position, Position, And Position. Should I Buy Prime Residential Property?
Property in prime locations, like West and North London, does experience strong capital growth, perhaps slightly higher than normal. However, the real return cannot be measured by the growth alone. However, property in South and East London are starting to perform just as well.

Our number one priority is that your property has a strong potential for capital growth with a solid rental income. We look specifically for properties that perform. An investment property gives you with significant tax benefits, to help maintain your cash-flow for your next purchase, located in a growth area with proven rental returns. We believe that property that is well-located, properly financed and properly managed will outperform property selected on the basis of position alone.

To find out more about capital growth and rental return in London, call Bluebell Properties on 0203 514 2541 now.
Why Should I Choose Bluebell Properties As Opposed To Just Sourcing A Property Myself?
Anyone can buy an investment property. However, many buy properties that barely meet the mortgage payments each month relying solely on capital appreciation through the market going up. This provides less stable and reliable monthly income.

At Bluebell Properties, the properties we source are guaranteed to bring in a passive income of between £500-£1000 NET CASH per month, allowing you to quickly refund up front expenditure and provide additional income.
How Does Our Expert Team Assess A Deal?
  • The current property cycles
  • Areas undergoing growth through population expansion
  • Infrastructure spending increases
  • Strong supply/demand ratio
  • Employment growth backed by a strong, growing economy
  • Good yields with potential for increases
  • Well priced properties, i.e. close to or under the local median
  • Good discounts, priced below comparable properties
  • Specific location of the property
  • Expert advice from our specialist team of solicitors, accountants, project managers, surveyors, property managers, builders and pest inspectors
How Many Deals Pass Through Your Team Each Week And How Many Do You Select?
For every 12 deals passed across our table each week, we might successfully select and negotiate 2 of them.
What Deals Does The Team Reject And Why?
We rejects deals for many reasons; such as the property is over-priced, the yield is too low, the building is in bad condition, the surrounding properties are all owned by investors only and an array of other negative influences.

We look at all the factors that will have an adverse impact on the capital growth of the property therefore are not a suitable investment for our clients.
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