I met Mr Sotiriou through a local networking group and we have been working closely together for some time since. So when my aunt lost her long standing tenant, it was only natural to askAssetgrove to assist in finding a new one. Within a week Assetgrove had managed to secure a tenant, a professional couple who have been ideal tenants.

When the tenancy came up for renewal my aunt was keen to keep the tenants and wanted to increase the monthly rental. Assetgrove contacted the tenants, negotiated a £40 per month increase and a new tenancy agreement was promptly drawn up.

The team at Assetgrove have been extremely helpful and always on hand to advise a novice landlord like my aunt. I would have no hesitation to recommend to my friends, family and business associates.

Kirty Bharadia – Mortgage & Protection Adviser

fantastic company. I have rented 4 properties through them now and its been fantastic no problems and have a lovely team of people. great all round. highly recommend if you want to rent your property stress free

Steven Glazer – via the Google site for Assetgrove

Assetgrove's Guaranteed Rent Scheme

After a recent family bereavement I had to return to the UK to look at my mother’s ground floor flat. A local estate agent recommended I speak to Sot at Assetgrove for advice on what to do with the property and arranged to meet him onsite. Having discussed options available the team provided us with a schedule of works required to make the property rentable. This included the full redecoration of the property, a new bathroom ceiling, kitchen improvements, fitting and supply of new internal doors and garden clearance. The associated costs were not only very reasonable but I was also able to spread the payments over 12 months.

As for the rental income Assetgrove offered me higher rents than what we had been quoted elsewhere. To top it all, they also guaranteed this rental rate for the next 3 years. I could now go back to Crete and not have to worry about the property knowing in was in safe hands and earning good money from it.

Since then I have also become very close with Sot and have worked on several other property development projects. Thanks sot for all your help and I now regard you as more than a property expert but also a good friend.

Suleymun Halil – N18

Assetgrove's Guaranteed Rent Scheme

I urgently needed to rent my property before returning to the USA and other local estate agents approached couldn’t help due to the actual state of the property. One of the agents recommended we speak to Assetgrove who came to meet me immediately that day. Having discussed what needed to be done all was agreed and 2 days later I was able to leave for Texas. A week later I received an email saying that they had found tenants and they had moved in.

I am absolutely delighted with Assetgrove as I had my 1 bedroom property completely refurbished and starting to receive an income within 7 days.

Mosnumola Olatunji – London EN3

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